Jim Jobe

A prominent theme in much of my artwork is to create pieces that reflect an "outside of" or cursory sense of perception. From this construct, I work to imbue the pieces with qualities informed by “peripheral perception".

In the context of sight, our peripheral vision is typically described as what we “see on the edges”... blurred or obscured and lacking clarity, yet without which our vision is diminished or limited. Similar to the way peripheral vision heightens our clarity of sight, peripheral perceptions can evoke broader insight.

My work reaches to tap into the ideas and influence of the peripheral, and through the process of constructing and deconstructing visual cues, create a divergent and changing visual discourse. The work presents the opportunity for a deeper understanding or a broader perspective not through "clarity" in the way the term is usually applied, but through the prospect that the viewer's perception may on some level find a peripheral commonality, or connection.

The concept of connections and interconnections also plays a strong roll in my recent work both in a series with a focus on the division of space and a series entitled "The Strength of a Line". The dividing of the picture plane into interlocking shapes and forms creates a visual drama through spatial shifts. Shape, form, and line work at times independently as well as in conjunction with other shapes to morph and change their context and relationship with one another. In this way, the theme of connections and interconnections, is reflected through the work both visually and conceptually...literally and metaphorically.

The fundamental paradigm in my creative process is to give the work quality and integrity through consistent effort to produce work that is personal, honest, and connects with the history and tradition of visual art as a language with the potential to be a channel for exploring, understanding and communicating.